Painless Red Eye

Red eye or Pink Eye Symptoms

Red-eye can be one of the earliest manifestations of eye disease. It can present with many other Pink eye symptoms. Red eyes can be divided into the painless red eye and painful red eye conditions the painless conditions are benign in nature while painful conditions can lead to a blinding state.

Painless Red Eye:              

1. Allergic conjunctivitis. 

2. Dry Eye.         

3. Blepharitis.  

4. Viral conjunctivitis.  

5. Bacterial conjunctivitis.                                       

6. Blocked nasolacrimal duct.                               

7. Subconjunctival hemorrhages.                         

8. Contact lens.

Painful Red Eye: 

1. viral keratitis

2. Bacterial Keratitis

3. Fungal Keratitis

4. Scleritis.

5. Glaucoma.

6. Uveitis.

1. Allergic Conjunctivitis:

Some people are predisposed to certain allergens that can start an allergic reaction leading to redness, swelling, and watering of the eyes. This can be a seasonal state associated with allergens like pollens, dust, any type of food like nuts, or contact with makeup products or skin lotions.

Allergic conjunctivitis is treated with topical steroids and ant-histamines.


2. Dry eye:

Patients with dry eye can present with burning, foreign body sensation, redness in the eye, and teeling of dryness. Dry eye is caused due to inadequate tear production other causes are increased screen time that leads to reduced blinking time and also fatiguability of ocular muscles, speedy fans, or reduced humidity in the environment.

Dry eye can be treated with lifestyle modification that includes following the 20/20/20 rule to provide comfort to the eye, artificial tears usage and avoiding speedy fans and air conditioners, and adding humidifiers to the room.


3. Blepharitis:

Blepharitis can be a cause of redness in eyes. It is caused by bacterias invading the eyelid margins and its glands. It can present with sticky discharge and itching of the lid margins.

Treat involves keeping good eyelid hygiene by thoroughly washing the lids with eye-friendly shampoo like Johnson baby shampoo. If the condition does not subside, the health care provider will prescribe topical antibiotic eye drops and antibiotic ointments.


4. Viral Conjunctivitis:

The patient presents with red conjunctiva and watering with mucoid discharge. It is infective in nature and can be transmitted from person to person proper hygiene should be maintained by patient’s treatment involving topical steroids.


5. Bacterial Conjuntivitis:

The patients present with beefy red redness in the eyes with mucopurulent discharge. It is also an infective disease and proper hygiene should be maintained.

Treatment involves topical anti-biotic.


6. Blocked Nasolacrimal Duct:

The normal passage of tears may be blocked due to different causes and can be at any level of the nasolacrimal duct.

Constant watering from the eye may lead to swelling on the medial side of the eye and conjunctival and eyelid involvement.

The patient needs to seek medical professional help in order to open the duct accordingly.


7. Subconjunctival Hemorrhage:

It is a benign condition that can be caused by extensive rubbing of the eye or associated viral or allergic conditions. It can also occur in hypertensive patients. The bleed subsides on its own, over-the-counter topical Steroids can also be advised by your health professional.

8. Contact lens users:

Unhygiene methods when followed during contact lens wear can cause infection to which manifest as pink eye. If tap water is used for lens wash or applied with unclean hands can be a source of blinding organisms.

As well as the preservative used in contact lens solution and cause a toxic reaction to the eye surface.

Treatment lies in cessation of contact lens use and seeking help from a health care provider.


9. Painful Red Eye:

Bacterial fungal and viral keratitis are caused by any trauma to the eye with stick. Leaf or finger nail. It can damage the outer surface of the eye i.e. cornea and can implant organisms to cause painful red eye.

Other diseases like scleritis, Glaucoma and uveitis are also painful conditions which can present initially with ain and redness in the in dark environment or can be associated with decrease in vision like uveites and glaucoma these diseases need urgent help to stop the progression at early stage.

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