Makeup and My Eyes

Makeup and My Eyes

Makeup is sort of fun. Good looks with makeup will increase your confidence, self-esteem, and whole outlook. The face is the foremost expressive part of our body; this is particularly the reason why people want to have more grooming look whether in a professional field or be it any celebration.

It is also necessary that the right makeup should be put on the right occasion as well as keeping the health pros and cons in your mind

Through generations, a lot of work is going on the type of products used in makeup. A lot of changes are going on in the basics of makeup while a very less emphasis is paid on the health deterioting factors of makeup, especially on your eyes.

As eyes are the most sensitive part of your face and no one will compromise on the beauty of the eye. here we are giving you some information on how to keep your eyes protected while doing makeup.

What are the precautions to be followed while doing eye makeup?

In order to avoid any type of damage to the eye, a few steps should be kept in mind

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly before applying any type of cream, oil or lotion to your face and eye area.
  2. Always read the label of the product and follow the directions provided by the manufacturer.
  3. While doing eye makeup, avoid putting any product directly or indirectly inside your eye.
  4. During application of eye liner, try to apply on the area that is away from your eye. Avoid applying between eye lashes and the eye. The meibomian glands on the margins of the eyelid may get blocked with products like eye liner or mascara, leading to condition like stye or chalazion formation.
  5. Never apply water or your saliva on mascara. It will lead to addition of germs on the surface of the brush.
  6. Powder based eye makeup should be avoided because of the easy entry inside the eye. Oil based products should be preferred. Powder is dissolved into the air while applications and its entry inside the eye can act as foreign body leading to the painful eye. the treatment lies in direct removal of the foreign body with topical anesthesia under slit lamp examination.
  7. If you are applying powder on your face or eyes, try to keep your eyes closed during the application.
  8. To remove your makeup always wash your hands and then use the makeup removing product.
  9. Avoid using allergic products. If you had a previous episode of allergic reaction to any product, its used should be stopped.
  10. Replace your makeup every 6 monthly. There are certain bacteria that may enter your makeup and can cause damage to your eyes when applied.
  11. Never share your makeup with anyone else. If not handled properly the pathogens from another person can be transferred to you eye.
  12. Regularly wash your brushes.
  13. In case of entry of any product, try to thoroughly wash your eyes (chemical eye injury) with tape water or any balanced solution available at home. Most of the foreign bodies are washed away with simple water. In case of persistent foreign body sensation in the eye or eyelid region, help from health care provider should be taken.
  14. People using cosmetic contact lenses should be well aware of application and removal of the contacts. Long nails may lead to scratching of the cornea and invasion of a common bacteria e.g pseudomonas can make the condition worst. Ladies using long artificial nails should seek a helping hand while applying contact lenses.
  15. In case you develop allergic reaction, or contact dermatitis immediately seek help from your health care provider. They will advice specific anti allergic eye drops and oral medications.

Take home message

There is no beauty superior to your vision.

Dr Sadia Ayaz
Dr Sadia Ayaz

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