Hydrogel Soft Contact Lenses


Hydrogel soft contact lenses are thin lenses that are worn on the surface of cornea. The use of contact lenses may vary among people. There are many purpose-based uses of contact lenses.

Refractive error correction is one of the most common use. People who want to replace glasses can use it. While other people may use it for aesthetic purpose such as using colored lenses. 

Other uses include avoiding the complications of high-power glasses such as restricted visual field, avoiding pain during corneal surface diseases, to maintain the integrity of cornea, and many others.

Contact lenses are also preferred by people doing outdoor sports, or to avoid fogging of glasses, to wear swimming goggles during swimming, and to put on sunglasses.

Before handling contact lens always wash your hands. Inspect the contact lens for any damage, scratches, or foreign body impacted on its surface. Always hold the lenses with the tips of your thumb and index fingers.

Finger nails can cause scratches, so always keep your nails short if you are a
regular user of contact lenses.

1.  How do beginners put on contact lens?

Insertion of Hydrogel soft contact lenses:

a)     Check the correct orientation of the contact lens, it should NOT be “inside out”, the
edges should curve a little inward.

b)    Put the contact lens on the index finger of your dominant hand, the convex surface
should touch your finger.

c)     You should be looking at the contact lens while you bring it towards the eye.

d)    Look down and apply pressure on the upper lid with the index finger of the other hand.

e)     Now look upward and apply pressure to the lower eyelid with the middle finger of
the other hand in order to increase the palpebral fissure.

f)      Look up or nasally and put the contact lens on the sclera.

g)     Look around to displace air bubbles under the lens and let the lens settle.

h)    Look down for a couple of seconds while you gently release the lids.

Hydrogel soft contact lenses

Removal of Hydrogel soft contact lenses :

a)     Look down and apply pressure on the upper lid with the index finger.

b)    Now look upward and apply pressure on the lower lid with the middle finger of the other hand.

c)     Place the index finger of this hand on the lens.

d)    Lookup or nasally and gently slide the lens on the superior or inferior sclera.

e)     Lift the lens off with the tips of index finger and thumb.

2.    Wearing contact lenses is painful or not?

In the beginning, you may get a mild discomfort to foreign body sensation inside the eye. The condition will subside with the use of contact lenses.

3.     Is it ok to sleep with contact lenses?

No, it is not safe to sleep with contact lenses. There is no recommendation by the manufacturers. It may become a source of infection of your eye.

4.     How many hours a day contact lenses can be worn?

Depending upon the type of the contact lens, the duration of the contact lens should be selected. Some lenses are for a short duration of 12 to 16hrs while others are of one-time use and should be disposed off after a single-use. You should concern your doctor about the particular lenses advised for you.

5.  Can we use cosmetic contact lenses of another person?

No, like any other type of contact lenses, cosmetic lenses should never be shared with another person.

6.     What to do after I slept with contact lenses in the night?

Sleeping overnight in contact lenses may cause redness, pain, watering, or dry eyes. There is a high risk of developing a corneal ulcer and immediate medical advice should be taken.

7.   What to do after I lost my contact lens inside the eye all of a sudden?

The contact lens if not worn properly can slip inside your eye into the upper or lower fornix. The contact lens should be gently removed by everting the eyelid or if not possible,
medical help is advised.

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