How to Keep Eyes Healthy and Beautiful

how to take care of eyes daily

 How to Keep Eyes Healthy and Beautiful, The eye is the vital part of the body eye is the source of seeing the world and to praise its beauty. This is the reason why taking care of your eyes is so important.

There are certain diseases that will lead to blindness, but timely recognition of the disease can reduce the progression of the disease and also prevent it.

Like other parts of the body, it is similarly important to keep your eyes healthy. Few eye care tips can be followed to maintain a healthy eye care routine.

Proper Hygiene:

Keep a habit of thoroughly washing your eyes and the surrounding area, especially the eyelashes and eyelid margins. It can prevent the intruding organisms into your eyes and leading to various types of infections.

 Avoid Excessive Rubbing:

If someone is in a constant habit of rubbing eye, they can give easy access to the organisms to cause infection in the eye. Excessive rubbing should therefore be avoided, it may lead to darkening of the periocular skin and atrophy of the fats.

One having a habit of constant rubbing of eyes should seek medical help. There are diseases causing the particular symptom such as blepharitis, conjunctivitis, dermatitis, and allergic conditions.

Protection from Sun:

 Protection should be provided to the eyes by regular use of sunglasses. Polaroid glasses can provide extensive protection on daily basis. This would help in delaying the process of cataract formation and certain conditions directly related to sunlight exposure for example pterygium.

Direct looking at the eclipse should be avoided as it can lead to solar retinopathy. Those workers who are in direct exposure to sunlight should take special care of their eyes on a daily basis.

 Protective Shields:

 Eyeglasses should be used by people who are in constant exposure to substances like welding or working in industries with airborne particulars.

Protective eye shields or goggles should be employed by the persons who are prone to the entry of foreign bodies into eye like carpenters or painters.

 Eat Healthy Food:

Green leafy vegetables and adding omega 3 fatty acids in fish liver oil or flax seedsl can keep your retina healthy and can prolong diseases like age-related macular degeneration. Food items having a high quantity of antioxidants and saturated fats should be avoided, they will damage the eye particularly the macula.

Diet high in cholesterol will lead to diseases of heart and arteriolar constriction as well as deposition of the fats in subcutaneous tissues around the eye called xanthelasma. The major cause of xanthelasma is a high level of cholesterol in the body.

How to Keep Eyes Healthy and Beautiful

 Avoid Smoking:

Smoking can also be harmful to your eyes and its cessation can play role in some eye diseases like thyroid eye disease, ARMD, dry eye, and diabetic eye disease. Smoking causes oxidative stress while the association with the eyes is still under experimental studies.

Keep an Eye on your Medications:

Medications that are used for other ailments can be damaging to the eye. e.g contraceptive pills, phenytoin, amiodarone, anti-malarial’s, anti-depressants, and pain killers. The side effects of the drugs should be keenly studied before their use should always be discussed with the health care provider.

Some of the side effects on the eyes are toxic retinopathy, corneal depositions, constriction in visual field, elevation in intraocular pressure, headaches, problems with near work, shortness of breath, conjunctivitis, watering, and dry eyes.

Know Your Medical History:

You should be aware of the diseases running in your family, certain diseases of the eye can be genetically transferred for example diabetic retinopathy, hypertensive retinopathy, retinitis pigmentosa, retinoblastoma, etc.

 This will help you early identification of the disease and so its control can be done in the early stages.

Follow 20/20/20 rule during screen time:

During study and screen time keep a proper posture and proper distance in order to avoid strain on your eyes. Follow the 20/20/20 rule, after 20 minutes of study or screen time take a break of 20 seconds by looking at to 20feet distant target.

How to Keep Eyes Healthy and Beautiful

Proper Sleep Time:

Lack of sleep can put strain on your periocular muscles and can cause constant burning sensation. This can lead to headache. Proper sleep time should be scheduled.

Sleep is important for over health of the human body to keep you active and to maintain your mental level and avoid stress.

Makeup around Eyes:

Makeup should be applied delicately on eyes. Any product that is allergic to your skin and eyes should be avoid. The entry of the product inside the eyes should be avoided. It can lead to allergic reactions like allergic conjunctivitis and contact dermatitis. 

In case of entry of any product, the situation can be dealt with by thoroughly washing your eyes with water. Precautions of eye care during makeup should be read thoroughly.

Contact lens users:

Special precautions should be taken by contact lens users. Tap water should not be used for contact lens washing or its application on eye. This can be a source of harmful organism like acanthamoeba or pseudomonas.

Contaminated fingers can also be a source of infection. The contact lenses should not be used for prolong time and sharing of contact lenses should also be avoided. Long nails should be avoided by contact lens users. Sharing cosmetic contact lenses is highly contraindicated.

Shafing with Glasses:

Some users of glasses develop marks on the sides of the nose and the lateral surface of the face. This can be avoided by the selection of a frame for your face and its proper fitting should be done.

People who cannot avoid shafing can shift to contact lenses or can seek help from a medical professional for Lasik eye surgery.

14) Dark circles around eyes:
Dark circles can be a genetical condition and it is very much possible that your parents
and your other family might be suffering from the same condition.
In people with new-onset dark circles, the sleep pattern is the foremost identified cause.
Keeping an eye on your sleep time hours is important. Besides this, it should be kept in
mind that the skin over the dark circle area is very thin and delicate, it is usually left
untouched during the application of creams over your face. A gentle massage on daily basis
can cure your dark circles.

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