Cataract Surgery

What is cataract?

A cataract is the opacification of the natural crystalline lens of the eye.

Does everyone develop cataract?

Cataract development is a normal physiological process. With the growing age changes occurring in the lens will lead to the formation of cataract.

At what age cataract starts?

Cataract will begin when you reach forties or fifties. Some people do not realize the onset of cataract even at this age.

How cataract development is accelerated?

Certain diseases of the eye may lead to the early development of cataracts for example glaucoma, uveitis, high myopia, and retinal dystrophies. Diabetes also have a strong relation with early development of cataracts.

How to avoid cataract development?

There are no specific guidelines that suggest how to avoid or reduce the speed of cataract development, however, the above-mentioned diseases if timely addressed can help the patient to delay the onset of cataract.

What are other causes of cataract?

One of the most common causes of cataract is trauma. Any insulting trauma to the eye leading to disturbance in the normal architecture of the crystalline lens can cause cataract. Other causes include prolong usage of drugs for other diseases for example steroids, chlorpromazine, allopurinol, gold, etc.

What are the common signs of cataract?

The common signs are Blurring of vision Cloudy sensation of vision Problems with vision at night time Demanding more light for doing any task Frequently changing glasses.

How cataract affect our vision?

When the normal transparency of the lens is lost, the vision is directly affected. The normal process of perceiving vision on the retina is disturbed.

The vision loss is permanent or not?

No, the vision loss is not permanent. With successful cataract surgery, your eyesight will be brought to a normal level.

Can cataract come back?

No, cataract cannot occur again and again. Once the crystalline lens is opaque and cataract surgery is done, it cannot occur again.

The opaque lens is replaced with a crystalline artificial lens which has the capability to remain the same throughout life,

Can cataract cause headache?

The onset of cataract is associated with blurred vision, diplopia, and strain on the eye muscles during focusing. This will lead to headaches as the normal lenses used in glasses can’t give the perfect vision needed for good focusing.

When to go for cataract surgery?

It is highly recommended that patients who have a good visual outcome with glasses should delay the choice of doing cataract surgery. Those patients having professional demands for good vision can undergo cataract surgery anytime.

What are the surgical procedures for cataract surgery?

One of the common methods of cataract surgery in developed countries is phacoemulsification. It is a suture-less procedure during which the replacement of the cataract is made with an artificial intraocular lens. The procedure is carried out under topical anesthesia.

Is cataract surgery a painful process?

Cataract surgery is done under topical anesthesia or peribulbar anesthesia. The pain of peribulbar injection is no more than a usual injection. Postoperatively mild to moderate pain be experienced by some patients. It can be relieved with oral pain killers.

When can I return to normal activity?

The vision may be blurred immediately after the cataract surgery and it will take several days to recover fully. However, your health care provider will prescribe a few precautions to follow immediately after the procedure, for a speedy recovery. These include,

    1.  Compliance with medications prescribed.

    2.  Wearing protective dark glasses.

    3.  Avoid rubbing the eye.

    4.  Avoid bending excessively over to the waist.

    5. Avoid pouring water directly inside the eye.

    6.  Avoid strenuous activity like exercise for several weeks.

    7.  Be punctual to follow-up visits.

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