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A Bit About Me: Dr Sadia Ayaz

Hi, welcome to my blog! My name is Dr. Sadia Ayaz and I am an ophthalmologist and eye surgeon registered with Pakistan Medical Commission. My medical degree is from Khyber Medical University Peshawar, Pakistan, I have done FCPS-1 / IMM from the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan. It includes 4 years of training in Ophthalmology department. I practice as an Eye surgeon at District Head Quarter Hospital. Here I have spent two years in the ophthalmology department.

I have a keen interest in clinical research and have published four articles in various journals. All the human senses are equally important to sustain a normal life, but this is my belief that nothing can be compared with eyesight. This is the reason why I choose this field and made it my utmost duty to spread awareness about the problems people can have with reduced vision. As well as to spread knowledge about common diseases of our community.

Being an eye professional I have decided to create a blog site of my own and write content about eye health issues, how to deal with them and how to spend life with various problems.

A lot of my family members and family friends have eye diseases like age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, night blindness, cataracts, short and long-sightedness. Despite my experience, there are diseases that I can’t help them out with, but due to my professional knowledge, it became so easy to explain the disease and make all the people feel so good after clarifying all their confusions and answering their various questions.

The thought that “what my father will want to know if he is freshly diagnosed with glaucoma”. The answer is knowledge and information, but true, honest, and to the point.

Eventually, I realized to share my passion and knowledge about the eyes with as many people as I can. My aim for this website is to convey authentic and relevant information about various eye diseases and their treatment options to as many people as possible